Weird Christmas Movie Trailers 2019 - Dirty Ass Santa Movie

In Cham absence, Katty and The Hobo watch weird-ass Christmas movie trailers, which include rapey elves, space Santa and a Santa who has seemingly kacked his pants and is trying to hide it from the kids.

Timings and film trailer links in the description below.

There is No Top3 this time and there is no rating but we do decide which is the weirdest.

Please be aware of bad language and crude humor from the start.


Santa with Muscles:

Santa Claus Conquers the Martians:


A Christmas Horror Story:

Santa and the Christmas Bunny:

Santa's Slay:


Intro - 00:27

Katty 1st movie - 01:30

Santa with muscles trailer start - 03:36

Santa with muscles trailer end - 05:26

Hobo 1st movie - 07:21

Santa Conquers the Martians trailer starts - 10:35

Santa Conquers the Martians trailer end - 11:34

Katty 2nd movie - 12:23

Elves movie trailer start - 14:16

Elves movie trailer end - 15:45

Mid break - 18:46

Hobo 2nd movie - 18:53

A Christmas Horror Story trailer start - 19:52

A Christmas Horror Story trailer end - 21:30

Katty 3rd movie - 23:05

Santas mucky brown trousers - 24:52

Santa and the Ice Cream bunny trailer start - 25:38

Santa and the Ice Cream bunny trailer end - 27:23

Dirty ass Santa/shitty brown pants Santa - 29:00

Hobo 3rd movie - 31:37

Santas Slay trailer start - 33:34

Santas Slay trailer end - 35:27

Final ratings - 39:41


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