Season 3 - Animation

The Land Before Time 1988 - The Land Before Tim: Katty's Gay Child

Cham, Katty, and The Hobo chat about all kinds of Dino related shiz in this Land Before Time episode. What was the original title? Is Katty's house mate Tim capable of putting out fires? Was Don Bluth a nice man? (Spoiler Alert, probably not) We also discuss an orphaned brontosaurus Little Foot and his chums, as they learn how to survive after the big earth shake.

By the end they ask, is it a masterpiece (Fine Luxurious Cheese) or a flop (Spoilt Milk)?

They also discuss their favourite animated TV characters. 

Please be aware of bad language and crude humour from the start.

Top 3: 00:00 - 20:29

Part 1: The Land Before Time: 20:30 - 37:19

Part 2: The Land Before Time: 37:20 -  1hr exactly.

Don Bluth YouTube video:

There are also spoilers for the title feature.
If you hear anything you don't want spoiling, simply skip ahead.

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