The Haunted Mansion (2003) Slimer the Sausage Swallower.

Cham, Katty, Laura, Zac and The Hobo agree to head into a Haunted Mansion with Eddie Murphy for this Family Spookfest. By the end ask, is it a masterpiece (Fine Luxurious Cheese) or a flop (Spoilt Milk)?

We also discuss our top 5 Ghosts.

Please be aware of bad language and crude humour from the start.

Top 3 Ghosts: 00:00 - 14:04

Part 1 The Haunted Mansion: 14:05 - 27:16

Part 2 The Haunted Mansion: 27:17 - 46:13

There are also spoilers for the title feature.
If you hear anything you don't want spoiling, simply skip ahead.

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